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Minneapolis, MN – The Minnesota African American Heritage Museum and Gallery
(MAAHMG) opens a new exhibition, Full Circle, The Ricochet of Gun Violence, with works from
artist Nikki McComb which she created during her artist residency with MAAHMG. The
exhibition opening reception is April 11, from 5:30 – 7:30 pm at the museum, 1256 Penn Ave.
N., Minneapolis, which is free and open to the public. There is free parking in the ramp attached
to the building. The exhibition opens with previews on April 2 and runs through June 1.

Full Circle, The Ricochet of Gun Violence is a mixed media art exhibition that explores the
impact of gun violence from the perspective of various people including a man convicted and
imprisoned for a gun crime; an emergency room physician who has seen the physical
destruction of gun violence; a woman held at gunpoint during a police raid; a man randomly
shot while walking the street; a father whose son was shot and killed by police; and a conceal
and carry gun instructor. McComb reflects their unique experiences in her art and tells their
stories of trauma, recovery, healing and hope. The exhibition which features paintings,
photographs, video and three-dimensional art seeks to spur conversations from laypersons to
legislators about the issue, and empower individuals and communities.

For almost 20 years, McComb has worked as an artist and advocate. She is the owner of
“Art Is My Weapon,” an organization where local artists use decommissioned guns to create
new artworks for various exhibitions around the Twin Cities to spur public awareness about gun
violence. McComb’s other projects include a public safety campaign titled #ENOUGH which
used art as a catalyst for change and social disruption; The Healing heART trauma informed care
program using art to serve those affected by gun violence; and heART Equity, a Diversity, Equity
and Inclusion (DEI) training for medical and community professionals. As the first CURA
Evictions project resident artist, McComb curated “The Moving Walls of Minneapolis” exhibition
which addressed poor rental conditions in North Minneapolis. McComb received a Jerome Hill
Artist Fellowship in 2017.

McComb is one of four 2023 MAAHMG Artist In Residence. Other artists in the program
are Shea Maze, Azania Tripp and Donna Ray. Each artist received a $12,000 stipend for supplies,
materials, research, design and other activities or items necessary to create new works during
the residency. The Artist In Residence program is designed to give support, opportunity and
exposure to Black artists working in Minnesota to create new works exploring Black history, art
and culture. Funding for the program was provided by a grant from the McKnight Foundation.

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