Children's Reading Circle

Due to COVID-19, the Children’s Reading Circle is not being held inside the museum. But, you can still participate with our Virtual Storytelling where the museum will post a new video reading from a guest author or reader each month.

Virtual Storytelling

Nekima Levy Armstrong

Reading her book “J is for Justice”.

Anthony Walsh

Reading his book “Hockey Is For Everybody”.

Mercedes Yarbrough

Reading her book “Black To The Future”.

Rose McGee

Reading “Carla and the Christmas Cornbread” written by Carla Hall.

Kayla Pollard

Reading “Juneteenth” written by Vaunda Micheaux Nelson & Drew Nelson.

Nico Moore

Original song “Moore Love” written and performed by Nico Moore.

Nico Moore

Reading “One Love” adapted by Cedella Marley.


Reading “Grant Practices Math With Manners” written by Nadvia Davis.

Olivia Karanja

Reading “Stacey’s Extraordinary Words” written by Stacey Adams.

Jada Pulley

Reading “The Year We Learned to Fly” written by Jacqueline Woodson.

Shondra Dickson

Reading “Astro Girl” written by Ken Wilson-Max.

Ashawnti Sakina Ford

Reading “Soulful Holidays” written by Ciara Hill.

Crown Shepherd

Reading “Black Boy Black Boy” written by Crown Shepherd.

Virginia Downing

Reading “Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History” written by Vashti Harrison.

Mélina Mangal

Reading her book “Jayden’s Impossible Garden.”

Elizabeth Adams

Reading her book “Little Miss Minnesota and Her Six Brothers.”

Timi Bliss

Reading her book “In Search of the Gingerbread Man” and a video of how to make a gingerbread man.

Artika Tyner, PhD

Reading her book “Amazing Africa: A-Z.”

Children's Reading Circle Guest Authors

Maya Marchelle

Dr. Artika Tyner

Habso Mohamud

Hey Pretty

Joey and Grandpa Johnson’s Day in Rondo

It Only Takes One Yes!

Ericka Dennis

M. Ann Pritchard​

Timi Bliss

Mr. Rondo’s Spirit

Phil The Pill

In Search of the Sandman

Donna Gingery

Sammie Joseph-Fredericks

Red’s Adventures: The Egg Pie

Grandma’s Special Gift

Free Art Classes

The museum offers free art classes during the summer to kids as part of the Children’s Reading Circle.

Reading excerpts from her new favorite book, “Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History”.

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