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8 Seasons of Art: Exhibition + Documentary

01 Jan 2020 - 31 Mar 2020

“8 Seasons of Art: Exhibition + Documentary” the exhibition is derived from the documentary, of the same name, by local film director Phillip McGraw, which follows the stories of some Twin Cities’ painters, musicians, and poets as they use their art to address issues of social and economic injustice, racism and violence. The exhibition and documentary raises awareness of using art as a foundation for healing trauma and building healthier communities. The multi-medium exhibition gives visitors an opportunity to watch the documentary by McGraw, and view artworks by visual artists Ta-coumba Aiken, Kenneth Caldwell and Broderick Poole, and poetry by writer Joe Davis. Displayed January – March 2020. (Ended early because of COVID-19 shutdown).

  • Date: 01 Jan 2020 - 31 Mar 2020
  • Location:MAAHMG - Minneapolis, MN
  • Curators:Phillip McGraw

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