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Black Lives Matter Mural

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Black Lives Matter mural on Plymouth Avenue curated by the museum and created by 16 artists: Sean Phillips, Timi Bliss, Beverly Tipton Hammond, Kelly Brown, Peyton Scott Russell, Brittany Moore, Donna Ray, A. Drew Hammond, Christopheraaron Deanes, Melodee Strong, Christopher E. Harrison, Reggie LeFlore, DeSean Hollie, Broderick Poole, Lissa Karpeh, and Kenneth Caldwell. A video, by Georgia Fort, of the making of the BLM mural is currently on the museum’s YouTube channel. July 18, 2020.

THANKS! The Black Lives Matter mural was a huge undertaking. The museum would like to give a special thank you to the City of Minneapolis, Mary Altman, Public Arts Administrator with the City of Minneapolis Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED), and the Minneapolis Arts Commission.

The museum could not have done it without the artists or our partners who supported this event. MAAHMG would like to thank the following organizations and individuals who volunteered their time for this amazing event. Thank You to the following:

Brett Buckner and the Seeds to Harvest Coalition which includes:, Coach Tate and the Bulldogs “Mask Up, Northside, India Association of Minnesota, Heritage Youth Sports Foundation, TC Sol Futsal Academy, Northside Achievement Zone, Project Sweetie Pie/Growing North Minneapolis and Michael Chaney, Family of Trees and Erica De La Santos, Onika’s Angels!, MN Interfaith Power & Light, University of Minnesota Research Outreach Center (UROC) and Makeda Zulu Gillespe and Hawona Sulllivan Janzen, Northside Residents’ Redevelopment Council and John Jamison, Project Diva and Neda Kellogg, Stacey and Connor Holland, Matt Brix, Jacki Bergum, Hip Hop & Politics Network – Beats, Rhymes & Democracy & A few minutes, The Urban Fly and Kelly Davis, MN Futbol Show. Also the Urban / Northside Impact Fund – Diem Groth, Alpine ESports, Minneapolis Foundation, The Thielen Foundation.

Minneapolis Urban League, Dark Clouds-Silver Linings volunteers and Christian Fitchett, Afro Deli, Hennepin Theatre Trust, DJ Enferno, Georgia Fort, LeanMinnesota Water, volunteers Karen Ojeda, Leesa Kelly, Dallas Downey, Anthony Johnson and Jeffrey Rainey.

MAAHMG Board members Tina Burnside, Coventry Cowens, Jack Rainey Jr., Verlena Matey-Keke, and Clarence Jones. THANKS!!!

Click on the Gallery link and see the artists and the letter they painted as follows:
A. Drew Hammond (Letter V), Broderick Poole (2nd Letter T), Brittany Moore (2nd Letter L), Christopher E. Harrison (Letter M), Lissa Karpeh (2nd Letter E), Reggie LeFlore (2nd Letter A), Sean Phillips (Letter B), Kelly Brown (Letter C), Kenneth Caldwell (Letter R), DeSean Hollie (1st Letter T), Beverly Tipton Hammond (1st Letter A), Donna Ray (Letter I), Christopheraaron Deanes (1st Letter E), Melodee Strong (Letter S), Peyton Scott Russell (Letter K), Timi Bliss (1st Letter L)
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  • Time: July 18, 2020 - 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Venue:Minneapolis, MN

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